Where there’s smoke…

As part of VerbFactory’s recent rebranding, we made a subtle but important change to our logo: the factory no longer shoots a plume of smoke into the sky. Several people have noticed the change and have asked about it. The obvious answer is that it’s hard to have an environmental practice area when the logo is about the least green thing on the planet – with the possible exception of a leaking oil tanker or a guy clubbing baby seals. But the evolution of our logo over the years also provides a bit of insight into how we work with our clients. Only this time, VerbFactory was the client!

Our original logo was a factory that had verbs – not smoke – coming out of the smokestack. We even made a Flash animation so that visitors to our site could see infinitives (unsplit, of course) coming out. It looked great, and we were really proud of it because it embodied action, movement and some of our other core values. The problem was that it didn’t look very good in print because it looked “frozen” rather than dynamic. It was a sad day when we had to concede that our great idea wasn’t so great in practice – but it was also a turning point for us because we were able to be honest enough with ourselves to admit that we had made a mistake and then take the steps to fix the problem. It was a hard thing for us to do, but it was the right decision, and it also taught us that we need to have that same level of transparency with our clients to be able to admit when we’re wrong and to do what needs to be done to achieve the best results. It’s why our clients see VerbFactory as a trusted advisor, not just as folks who can churn out a press release or design a pdf.


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