Just about every company that wants to promote its role as a thought leader has set up a blog where executives can post everything from commentary on breaking news to new product launches. Blogs are great marketing tools because they are promoted and distributed so many different ways, but they can be difficult to manage. VerbFactory not only writes hundreds of blogs a year for our clients, but we also manage the entire process so that compelling content is always a click away.

Why Blog?

Why do so many companies decide to blog? For starters, it’s a unique way of communicating important ideas to a wide audience. No other channel can really match it – content can be posted on a company’s site, blasted out through LinkedIn and Twitter, and sent to sales prospects with the push of a button. It can also be great for search engine optimization (SEO), which reward newly created content with higher page rankings.

The Process

Unfortunately, most blogs start off strong but eventually fade away. That’s because after an initial flurry of activity, people get busy with other projects and delays creep in. Before you know it, the weekly blog hasn’t been updated in two months. VerbFactory manages blog campaigns so that content never runs dry. We calendar all due dates (including dates for reviews and approvals) to make sure that nothing clogs the pipeline.

Getting it Right

The most important part of writing a blog is making sure that it will be interesting to readers. That’s why we take extra care to make sure we know who the audience is and what they will find interesting. We also make sure that all content is SEO-friendly and will resonate on all social channels.


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