Positioning and Messaging

No matter what industry you’re in, or what kind of marketing campaign you’re thinking about, it’s critical to have the right foundation in place. That’s why all of VerbFactory’s campaigns start by working with our clients to create an overarching message that will inform the various elements of their communications work, including collateral material, web text, articles, presentations and talking points. Without this initial work, it’s difficult to ensure that everything is on message and maps to an organization’s core mission.

The Process

Our team starts by gathering information through several channels, including:

  • Review of all existing materials, including Web sites, sales materials, presentations, and media kits
  • Positioning audit (to be filled out by staff, contractors, and other people who might have insight)
  • Competitor research

We then synthesize all of the research into a master document that provides the “backbone” for all of our other work. This ensures a consistency of message and a tighter articulation of our clients’ value proposition. In general, for any positioning to “ring true” it must meet the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness – You need to highlight how you are different – and better – than your competitors
  • Conciseness – The positioning must be simple and easy to communicate
  • Differentiation – We need to break away from preconceptions that people have about your industry
  • Relevance – The positioning must be newsworthy to all target audiences
  • Accuracy – Everything we communicate must be verifiable and true

What We Deliver

We articulate the core message in a 3-4 sentence overview statement and then back it up with 3-4 support points, each of which is in turn bolstered by specific information. This forms the basis for all other marketing work and content creation. We are especially focused on metrics and user success stories because they add color and credibility to any marketing campaign.

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