Media and Analyst Relations

Does traditional media still matter? It’s a fair question – and one that companies always ask us. The short answer is yes: there is no better way for companies to get visibility and earn credibility than articles in respected publications. So while the means of delivery may have changed, the media still plays a vital role in establishing market share and industry leadership.

Print and Broadcast

It’s no secret that many newspapers and magazines have struggled in the digital era, but reporters from top media outlets are still looking for good stories that will interest their readers. VerbFactory was founded by former journalists who know what interests editors, and we have helped our clients get coverage in thousands of press outlets, ranging from major cable news shows to important industry trade publications.

Industry Analysts

One of the best ways for companies to bolster their reputations is by getting reviews by industry experts who influence opinion and buying decisions. VerbFactory works with top analyst firms to set up briefings and ensure that our clients are featured in data-driven research reports.

Online Media and Blogs

While traditional media relations are important, we’re always on the lookout for new channels. We recognize that in many cases online-only news sources can have a major impact on brand awareness, especially in defined vertical industries. That’s why VerbFactory helps companies create programs to get coverage in blogs, newsletters, online forums, and other newer outlets.

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