Marketing Technology to Government

VF_PA_GovernmentGovernment agencies, state and municipal governments, and public safety and health organizations are some of the largest users of technology in the United States. Federal IT spending is expected to reach $70 billion, but despite the size of the market it can be difficult for new technology companies – or even established players in the industry – to efficiently introduce and sell their innovations to the public sector. VerbFactory has a track record of helping software and hardware companies develop campaigns and build brands that increase sales to local, state, and federal governments.


Vendors that work with government agencies often need to follow complicated protocols to get in the door and showcase their products and services. In addition, privacy and disclosure issues, especially in the realm of security software, make it more difficult to develop and execute sales and marketing campaigns. We help companies of all sizes build programs that let them reach their core audiences without getting caught in the net.

We Get the Government Market

We understand that getting visibility among public-sector officials requires a highly specialized approach that is fundamentally different than any other market. That’s why government contractors, technology companies, and other businesses choose VerbFactory to help with writing, media relations, and event management campaigns that will help them get visibility with the right decision makers.

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