Marketing for the Tech Sector

VF_PA_Tech200In the competitive technology industry, the right marketing strategy can turn an interesting innovation into a must-have application or device. Since 2003, Bay Area-based VerbFactory has worked with top tech companies to create memorable and comprehensive campaigns for dozens of hardware and software products. We understand the field, and our track record speaks for itself.

Beyond the Ones and Zeroes

We’re passionate about new technologies, but we also know that just having great engineering isn’t an automatic key to success in the marketplace. It’s critical to be able to articulate why customers, investors, and partners should be interested. That’s why tech companies of all sizes – from brand-new start-ups to Fortune 100 giants – turn to VerbFactory to help get their innovations noticed. Our extensive work in the tech sector has put VerbFactory in contact with thought leaders throughout the industry, and has given us a unique understanding of how to succeed in this volatile field.

Working with VerbFactory

Here are some of the marketing services the VerbFactory team of strategists, writers, and designers provides to our tech clients:

  •  Strategy and brand development
  • Bylined articles and white papers
  • Web content and sales collateral
  • Awards and speaking opportunities
  • Blog programs
  • Media relations
  • Web and graphic design
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