Increase Use of Employee Wellness Programs

Client Goal

Increase internal awareness and use of employee wellness program


Campaign to raise awareness of wellness program resources and increase the number of employees seeking program information.

Outreach needed to:

  • Break through noise of daily communications while remaining consistent with corporate image, tone of voice and existing wellness program messaging
  • Reach employees in many different job roles in multiple countries
  • Align with goals of multiple internal stakeholders

Fortune 500 Global Corporation

Target Outreach

Strategic planning and design of series of short animated videos to be distributed via employee intranet.

  • Videos designed to engage multiple employees at multiple sites at various points of viewing, including individual computers, large video displays, meetings and training sessions; Create buzz and encourage viral distribution; Create emotional driver supporting wellness initiatives;
  • Animation approach selected to cut through noise, work across multiple languages and cultures, create buzz and encourage internal sharing of videos
  • Design and development included analysis of existing wellness resources and communications outreach, assessment of internal employee digital communications environment, campaign strategy and development plan, messaging, video storyboarding and original character design
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