Improve Patient Adherence for Drug Treatment

Client Goal

Increase number of patients beginning drug treatment and improve treatment adherence


Develop communications program to improve potential for drug treatment initiation and adherence. Program goals to include:

  • Lower patient stress before, during and after blood testing
  • Improve patient treatment experience and engagement
  • Strengthen communications between patients and treatment caregivers


Pharmaceutical Company

Target Outreach

Patients. Distribution via healthcare providers


Illustrated and easy-to-follow custom tips booklet available in print, online and an app for patients to take control of their care and lower stress and have a better experience before, during and after their blood tests associated with drug treatment monitoring.

    • Plus online mentored writing program offering patients expanded and ongoing opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences around their health issues and treatment.
    • Ongoing Patient Feedback Outreach and analysis to measure programming results


HealthAngle Take Charge, Blood Test

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