Marketing for the Medical Industry

VF_PA_MedicalFew industries are undergoing changes as extreme as the medical industry. From the Affordable Care Act to hospital consolidation to the new wave of treatments for serious health conditions, doctors are facing a new set of challenges as they try to attract new patients and keep the public informed about their services. VerbFactory helps leading medical practices articulate their stories and communicate them to the people who need to know about their work.

Medical Marketing: Then and Now

The Internet has revolutionized how people find doctors – and how medical professionals find new patients. The internet has become an important source of information for patients looking for information about illnesses and medical conditions, and has also allowed doctors to gain visibility beyond their local communities. VerbFactory works with doctors and practice managers to cut through the clutter to build credibility and get noticed.

Calling Dr. VerbFactory

Our clients include manufacturers of medical devices, medical resource companies, and doctors who want to stand out from the crowd and build their businesses. We start by helping define a key set of messages that describe what they do – and what makes them different from their competitors. We then create collateral material and web content to articulate their expertise and then work with traditional media outlets, online outlets, and social channels to communicate their stories to the people who matter. VerbFactory services for the medical industry include:

  • Blog programs to communicate subject-matter expertise
  • Videos that make complex topics easy to understand
  • Bylined articles in major publications that enhance credibility
  • Media campaigns to position doctors and medical executives as experts in their field
  • Social media outreach to promote healthcare innovations
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