Marketing for Investment Funds

VF_PA_FundsIn the world of marketing for financial services, investment funds are often overlooked despite having billions of dollars of assets under management. And while many of the largest investment management firms and alternative investment shops don’t need to build awareness among retail investors, it is often important for them to gain visibility among institutional investors. For nearly 15 years VerbFactory has worked with both large and small investment management firms to develop marketing programs that drive new investment and greater awareness of the their investment strategies, and management.

Credibility, Stability, and Good Returns

Independent investment management firms are unlike other financial services organizations in their approach to marketing themselves to investors. Once upon a time, Taft-Hartley clients were their sweet spot for institutional investment. However that has changed over the last 10 years with the demise of DB plans and the rise of consultants being the gatekeepers for institutional clients. Now most investment management firms have opened their doors to retail investors and RIAs with new products and lower investment minimums. The competition is fiercer now than ever before with banks and insurance companies with investment management arms chasing the same investment dollars. Nevertheless, investment management firm must still convey three important messages to institutional and retail investors be successful: Credibility, Stability, and Good Returns. Very little else matters.

The VerbFactory Edge

We work with investment funds throughout the United States to help them articulate their key messages, define their stories, and get press coverage that will help them generate new investment.

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