Get Your Swag On

Photo Credit | pugg71 of Flickr

Photo Credit | pugg71 of Flickr

Our clients often ask us for advice about buying corporate gifts and giveaways (often called “swag”) that they can send to their clients and prospects. Our take on this is pretty simple: get something that people will want to keep around, rather than something that can be thrown away or will end up in the back of a drawer. And that usually means spending more money on a quality product.

mugThe first step is to choose the right gift that a person will actually use. We’re currently working with a client in Oregon, a place where everyone drinks coffee 24 hour a day, so we recommended travel mugs as gifts for our client to hand out to their contacts. That’s because the people who receive them will actually use them, meaning that our clients’ logo will be seen regularly by the folks who matter most.

vf-swagThe second step is to get the VERY BEST quality item. Everyone in Portland already has a million coffee cups, so we advised our client to “go big” and pay almost $20 per mug, compared to less than $6 for a basic model. Spending more than three times as much may seem over the top, but the mugs that our clients are sending out are going to get used every day. It’s easy to throw a cheap mug away, but a quality item will get used for a long time. And as a caveat, make sure that your logo won’t fade or peel over time. That defeats the purpose of buying swag!

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