Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of them All?

That’s what the Evil Queen in Snow White wanted to know. If you asked the same of someone controlling marketing dollars – and you’re over the age of 50 – the answer would not be YOU. Instead, anyone who qualifies as a “millennial” (aged 18 – 34) seems to be the favorite target customer for companies with marketing and advertising budgets, no matter what they’re selling. What’s behind the millennial preoccupation? Maybe it’s the lingering theory that if you hook ‘em when they’re young, you’ll have brand loyalty for a really long time. That’s misguided for many reasons – including the...

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Using Social Media For Good

In the relative nanosecond that social media has been in existence – compared to the time since homo- sapiens began grunting at each other – one can argue that it’s been both humanity’s greatest social advancement and the harbinger of its doom. But what’s not to love about a technology that instantly bridges the gap that miles have placed between families, or links like-minded strangers, or helps find long-lost friends? Well, intrusive behavior, pack-mentality social uprisings, and unseemly personal behavior…for starters. Additionally, social media has been fertile ground for bullies...

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Goof Off Day

    March 22, was officially National Goof Off Day. Well, it’s wasn’t actually official. That’s because the creators of this holiday, who came up with the idea in 1976 – as the result of a joke made by a 10-year-old on a radio call-in show – never actually bothered to get any government to declare it a holiday. This is somewhat appropriate, given its nature – a “day to do anything and everything…except what you’re supposed to do today.” In the spirit of celebrating high-level slackerdom, here are a few examples of marketing campaigns that were so...

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